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At T-Rex Elec we promise to provide safe and high-quality electrical workmanship that will transform your home with high-end electrical work

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Power faults and Outages

Do you have issues with your power tripping every time it rains or you turn on a particular switch or appliance? Our Emu Park electricians have solved plenty of issues like this. If you are experiencing a power issue or a blackout give our friendly team a call and we can get you back online.

LED DOwnlight Installation

Do you want to reduce the cost of running the lights in your home ? Or perhaps you want to remove old halogen downlights to reduce the risk of fire in your ceiling space? T-Rex Elec are the smartest choice when it comes to installing LED lighting in Emu Park homes. We offer a range of modern, energy efficient, LED lighting that will suit your style and add a modern touch to your place.

Powerpoint Installation

Do you have extension leads running all over your home or office? Are you sick and tired of unsightly cables overcrowding your power points & unplugging phone chargers to use your appliances? Your home or office in Emu Park will look neater and be safer when you call T-Rex Elec to quickly and safely install a new power point today. We even have USB power points so you never need to look at a bulky phone charger again!

Safety Switch Installation

Tragically, each year in Australia around 15 people are killed by electricity in incidents that could have been prevented if a safety switch was fitted. Most homes only have a safety switch on the power circuits. Hammering a nail into the wall or using an appliance, leaning on a faulty hot water system, touching an air-conditioner, cooktops or oven can turn deadly in a heart beat. You need a safety switch on every circuit on your home to provide the maximum protection. Don’t let a tragedy happen in your home or place of work. Call T-Rex Elec today and we can check you place. We can even look over facetime or zoom.

Smoke Alarms

When was the last time you had an electrician test your smoke alarms? If your smoke alarms are not functioning correctly and you have a fire in your home those alarms are just a decoration on the ceiling. Do you know what type of smoke alarms you have in your home? Old ionisation smoke alarms are slow to react and by relying on them you run the risk that you and your loved ones will not have enough time to escape. Call T-Rex Elec today and we can ensure that your home in Emu Park is compliant and provides the maximum level of safety to you and your loved ones.

Switchboard Upgrades

Upgrading your switchboard is the easiest way to stop minor electrical accidents from becoming a disaster! Old, faulty electrical switchboards will fail to keep your family safe from fire or electrical accidents - and it's one of the first things we check when we're looking for faults - so call T-Rex Elec today for switchboard upgrades in Emu Park and enjoy a safer home!.

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Our staff at T-Rex Elec continuously hone their electrical skills and utilise innovative technology, combined with our experience in the high-pressure environment of the Australian Military to operate a responsive, agile electrical contracting firm that has been built on integrity and professionalism.

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T-Rex Elec electricians get 5 star reviews from people in Emu Park who have trusted them to repair the wiring in their home and business, making these places safer and better places to live and work.  Call us to experience our outstanding service and legendary value today with no dodgy charges and no mess left behind.

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We're local electricians.

Unlike some larger contractors we don’t need a large central office and a huge management team to deliver top notch service to track our team and fleet. We deliver safe and precise electrical workmanship and legendary service with a smile.

By the job pricing.

Say good bye to an electrician turning up at your home or office, only to work inefficiently.  No need to ever again check the clock anxiously while your electrician is charging you by the hour for ‘do and charge’ work.  We think electricians should do better than that. 

We have continuously tracked data, taken on each stage of every job we do to do ensure that our prices provide value to our customers through our comprehensive pricing catalogue.  We don’t charge by the hour we charge by the item of work. 

It doesn’t matter if you need a power point installed or your underground mains replaced we have a price for it.  Our up-front quotes are transparent so that you know exactly what you will pay for your electrical work in Emu Park.

Master Electrician on every job.

We do not send an apprentice, who gets paid an apprentices wage to do to the work you are paying tradesman rates to have completed.  We guarantee we will always have a Licensed Master Electrician on your job.  You can get the best electricians in Emu Park by calling T-Rex Elec today!

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DIY fault finding.

T-Rex Elec electricians get 5 star reviews from people in Elanora who have trusted them to repair the wiring in their home and business, making these places safer and better places to live and work.  Call us to experience our outstanding service and legendary value today with no dodgy charges and no mess left behind.

Smoke alarms save lives.

Regular testing by our electricians gives you the confidence that your alarms will wake you up in the event of a fire.  A home can be completely consumed by fire within 15 minutes, so it is incredibly important to have your smoke alarms in top condition.  In this video we explain the latest smoke alarm technology and how incoming smoke alarm laws may impact you.

LED Lights.

In this video the Director of T-Rex Elec tells us all about LED lights. He lists the benefits of using LED lights compared to Halogen lights. These include their safety due to temperature, service life and energy savings.


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