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We believe that your home should be an extension of your personality. You spent time personalising your space, so why settle for generic power points and light switches. At T-Rex Elec we offer a wide range of switches and power points, from matte black to ones with sustainable timber trim.


Need an extra switch for that outdoor light you always leave on? Perhaps you want to connect all your outdoor lighting to a single switch so you can illuminate the entire perimeter of your property from beside your bed if you hear someone outside in the middle of the night. At T-Rex Elec we can do all of this for you! We keep up with the latest trends in designer switches to help refresh the look of your home and can install automated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi controls so you can turn your lights on from your phone!

ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a great option for cooling your home while keeping costs down. Ceiling fans that spin the same, slow speed no matter what setting the wall control is on can be infuriating during the hot summers we get here on the Cold Coast. But fear not, T-Rex Elec can supply and install replacement fans in a flash. Do you have a room in your home that needs a fan? Get in touch with us to talk about your options for installing a fan and beat the heat!

Power faults and Outages

Do you have issues with your power tripping every time it rains or you turn on a particular switch or appliance? Our Elanora electricians have developed a handy video on our HOME PAGE that helps our customers safely determine if household electrical outages are due to simple reasons – like a faulty appliance, or a more complex issue that we need to attend and fault find.

LED DOwnlight Installation

Do you want to reduce the cost of running the lights in your home? Or perhaps you want to remove old halogen downlights to reduce the risk of fire in your ceiling space? T-Rex Elec are the smartest choice when it comes to installing LED lighting in Elanora homes. We offer a range of modern, energy efficient, LED lighting that will suit your style and add a modern touch to your place.

Powerpoint Installation

Do you have extension leads running all over your home or office? Are you sick and tired of unsightly cables overcrowding your power points & unplugging phone chargers to use your appliances? Your home or office in Elanora will look neater and be safer when you call T-Rex Elec to quickly and safely install a new power point today. We even have USB power points so you never need to look at a bulky phone charger again!

Safety Switch Installation

Tragically, each year in Australia around 15 people are killed by electricity in incidents that could have been prevented if a safety switch was fitted. Most homes only have a safety switch on the power circuits. Hammering a nail into the wall or using an appliance, leaning on a faulty hot water system, touching an air-conditioner, cooktop or oven can turn deadly in a heart beat. You need a safety switch on every circuit on your home to provide the maximum protection. Don’t let a tragedy happen in your home or place of work. Call T-Rex Elec today and we can check you place. We can even look over Facetime or Zoom.

Smoke Alarms

By January 1 2022, it will be mandated that all homes sold or leased in Queensland have photoelectric smoke alarms installed. When was the last time you had an electrician test your smoke alarms? If your smoke alarms are not functioning correctly and you have a fire in your home those alarms are just a decoration on the ceiling. Do you know what type of smoke alarms you have in your home? Old ionisation smoke alarms are slow to react and by relying on them you run the risk that you and your loved ones will not have enough time to escape. Call T-Rex Elec today and we can ensure that your home is compliant and provides the maximum level of safety to you and your loved ones.

Switchboard Upgrades

Upgrading your switchboard is the easiest way to stop minor electrical accidents from becoming a disaster! Old, faulty electrical switchboards will fail to keep your family safe from fire or electrical accidents - and it's one of the first things we check when we're looking for faults - so call T-Rex Elec today for switchboard upgrades in Elanora and enjoy a safer home!.

Ceiling fans with remotes

How many times do you jump into bed only to have to get back up to turn off the fan? We can supply and install a remote to control your fan from the comfort of your bed or lounge so you will never have to endure the annoyance of “forgetful fan syndrome” again!

Sensor Lights

Unfortunately, we all hear about unsavoury individuals jumping fences, or entering unsuspecting people’s yards in all suburbs on the Gold Coast to steal their valuables. Sensor lights are a great way to deter would-be thieves and vandals from targeting your home. T-Rex Elec can install and sensors outside your home to activate your lighting and give you early warning that someone is on the prowl at your place.

Flood Lights & Garden lighting

We have the perfect climate on the Gold Coast that enables us to live an outdoor lifestyle. If you have spent time, effort and money on making your gardens and the surrounds of your home look awesome why not enjoy the view during the night-time hours when entertaining or just enjoying the peace and quiet on your patio? T-Rex Elec can install flood lighting to increase the visual appeal of your home and make your place feel like a luxurious resort during the twilight hours.

motion detected lighting

Motion detected lighting is a great way to reduce lighting costs and add convenience to your home, office or commercial space. No more fumbling in the dark for a light switch with both hands full.

Outdoor Powerpoints

Outdoor power points are one of the most requested installs we get at T-Rex Elec. When you consider the huge range of outdoor appliances and power tools that most people have in their garage it is easy to see the benefit of having an outdoor power point installed at your place. Thinking about getting a TV installed outside on your deck or patio? Maybe you have a pressure cleaner you use to wash your car with or need a bug zapper to keep the mosquitos at bay. So if you are sick of running an extension cord through your fly-screen to power your outdoor gear call us to install a new outdoor power point now!

patio lighting

The right kind of lighting can enhance the atmosphere of your patio or deck. T-Rex Elec can advise you what kind of lights would suit your place then supply and install them so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Electric hot water systems

Are you running out of hot water, or turn on the shower in winter only to endure a tepid and unsatisfying experience that leaves you colder? These are signs that you need an experienced electrician to check your hot water system. At T-Rex Elec we are water heating experts and can do everything from an element replacement to complete installation of hot water systems with our strategic plumbing partners.

fault finding

Most people (and even some electricians) are at a complete loss when it comes to an electrical fault. The electrical system in any home is complex and faults can occur at any point within it. The Master Electricians at T-Rex Elec have attended hundreds of faults ranging from a faulty light to a total loss of power, and have the knowledge, equipment and experience to get your place back up and running as soon as possible.

Energex defects

Have you had Energex at your place for an emergency or have been issued with an Electrical Defect Report? Our Master Electricians are the experts in rectifying these defects and sorting all the required paperwork with Energex. In fact we have electricians in our team that have Energex experience, so you can trust us to navigate the system for you.

tenancy metering

Granny-flats are becoming a common addition to homes on the Gold Coast to provide another income stream for the owner. T-Rex Elec can rearrange the wiring in your place to be connected to another electricity meter to keep track of your tenant’s power consumption.

Tenancy fit-outs

The Gold Coast is the small-business capital of Queensland, and often entrepreneurs set up a store front when building their business. Your electrical system forms the backbone of these stores, cafes and restaurants. A correctly designed electrical system should minimise your power bills, suit your needs and give you the capacity to grow your business premises without massive costs. T-Rex Elec has completed fit-outs for everything from gyms to bakeries and office spaces. If you are planning to open a business premises we are the ones you need on your side.

off peak tariffs

Are you sick of huge power bills? Off-peak power can be one way for you to lower your bills in the future. Some electricians on the Gold Coast seem to think that off-peak metering is some form of sorcery, but not T-Rex Elec. We have a staggering amount of experience in off-peak tariff installation and troubleshooting, so if you need help we are the best in the business.

new circuits

Are you installing an air-conditioner or getting an electric hot water system? Chances are you will need an additional circuit to remove the risk of overloading your existing circuits. T-Rex Elec have extensive experience installing these new circuits in all types of homes on the Gold Coast, and you can count on us to have a suitable solution for your place when you are upgrading it.

Electrical Alterations

Need that light switch moved to the other side of the door or a power point moved to facilitate a new window? The Master Electricians at T-Rex Elec can work with your other trades to co-ordinate the work and complete without creating headaches for you or lengthy delays on your project.

underground power

T-Rex Elec can install new underground power at your place for everything from a new shed to horse stables all the way up to the complete replacement of your underground mains after you have lost power.

shed power

Have you built a shed on your property and need the latest in energy efficient lighting and power points installed throughout? Maybe you have a shelter for your caravan or boat and need power to charge batteries? We have the know-how and experience to get you set up with the best solution for your needs.

Pool pump power

The number of electrical appliances that are connected to modern pools has grown beyond the humble pool pump of days gone by. Heaters, chloronators, multiple lights, motorised pool covers and sand filters are all common add-ons. If you are considering a pool or are building one and need power for all the bells and whistles, we can help install the right equipment to support your little oasis.


Adding a jacuzzi or spa to your outdoor space? We can take the hassle out of getting it up and running in a safe manner so you can start enjoying your new toy faster!

Lamp Replacement

Do you have an office with lighting that is mismatched and has different colour light being emitted from each fitting? T-Rex Elec can get your office lighting looking uniform and proactively replace your light globes so you can ensure that your staff have enough light to keep your business running.

Property Maintenance

We provide modern, rapid solutions for the electrical issues property managers face on the Gold Coast. We understand that property managers are overworked and provide support by co-ordinating the job with the tenants so all you need to do is call us with the issue you are facing and file the entry notice for the date we book in . We offer up-front, transparent pricing and cost effective solutions for agencies across the Gold Coast.

Oven/cooktop repairs & Replacement

Do you have an oven or cooktop that needs to be upgraded? We can provide a wide range of modern cooktops and ovens to suit your needs and install them in a flash. If you want to ‘BYO’ a cooktop or oven no problem, we can install them too!

induction cooktops

Did you know that induction cooktops generally require bigger wiring to support their power consumption? Often we have customers that have bought an induction cooktop without realising this. If you are looking at upgrading your cooktop to induction and aren’t sure if you need to upgrade your wiring, give us a call and we can take a look over facetime or video call so you can get some answers. Knowledge is power.

Emergency lights

Emergency lights are installed in almost every office space on the Gold Coast. They are not just ‘nice to have’ when the power goes out, they are legally required in most offices and buildings that are accessible to the public. In Queensland there are strict requirements regarding the maintenance of emergency lights and heavy fines are enforceable by both the Queensland Fire and Rescue officers and WorkSafe inspectors. T-Rex Elec can organise for an assessment of your current emergency lighting system and engage in a compliant schedule of maintenance to save you money and keep you out of court.


Do you want to reduce the cost of running the lights in your home? Or perhaps you want to remove old halogen downlights to reduce the risk of fire in your ceiling space? T-Rex Elec are the smartest choice when it comes to installing LED lighting in your place. LED down lights are also a simple cost effective way to modernise your home and provide even, pleasant lighting throughout. Watch our Director discuss the dangers of Halogen lights in our LED lighting video on the HOME PAGE.

Light dimmers

We carry a range of dimmers for your lighting so that you can dim the lights when the mood strikes.

commercial Lighting

The range of commercial lighting options is overwhelming to the uninitiated. Fortunately for our customers, T-Rex Elec has strived to cultivate relationships with commercial lighting manufacturers during our years in the electrical industry. This means we are able to leverage these relationships and organise for the manufacturers representatives to come to your premises to advise of the best products to set your commercial premises apart from the competition.

sign lighting

There is a saying that the billboard is the sales person that never sleeps. This is only true if the sign is visible at night. Help customers find you and increase your brand awareness by calling T-Rex Elec to get lit.

Exit lights

When it comes to retail spaces, cafes, restaurants and offices it is generally the responsibility of the tenant to maintain the exit lights. If you are in charge of any of these types of premises and you don’t have exit lighting that is tested every 6 months and the records to prove it, you are at risk of fines and could be leaving yourself open to litigation. Exit & emergency lights have strict requirements regarding the maintenance and heavy fines can be levied by both the Queensland Fire and Rescue officers and WorkSafe inspectors. Call T-Rex Elec now to get your workplace compliant.

Loss of Power

Often when extended periods of dry weather are followed by a significant deluge of rain, homes supplied by underground power experience a loss of supply. This is generally due to a combination of damage to the mains cable that may have happened when it was originally installed and water entering the conduit the cable sits in. The result is a blown Energex fuse and a defect notice issued by the Energex crew that attends the job. We have a great amount of experience in replacing underground mains cables and in some cases can do so without digging up your yard.

Home Theatre Installation

T-Rex Elec are the experts in home theater installation. We take care of everything so all you need to do is grab some popcorn, then enjoy the movie.

wall mounted tvs

We are experts at installing televisions on walls. if you have just upgraded your tv or maybe want to change up your living room call T-Rex Elec and get ready for your favorite movie!

wireless access points

Do you keep getting poor WIFI signal in your home or office. This frustrating problem can be solved with the installation of a wireless access point. It connects directly to your router and boosts the signal inside your place.

Power Poles

Many larger properties on the Gold Coast have private power poles that bring power from the Energex network to the actual house. Poorly maintained power poles are a risk to your safety, particularly during storm season, and can be an expensive inconvenience if they are brought down in times of high winds. Replacing a power pole can be a complex job, but our Master Electricians at T-Rex Elec have extensive experience in power line maintenance and are the number one choice when it comes to power pole replacement on the Gold Coast.

acreage power

If you are living on acreage in one of the beautiful areas within the Gold Coast hinterland you need an electrical contractor that can handle the bigger jobs. At T-Rex Elec we have your acreage power needs covered.

3 phase power upgrades

As the number of appliances that are in the average Gold Coast home continues to grow, many homes are now connected to 3 phase power to satisfy the increased demand for power. A ducted air-conditioning system for a large house will typically be connected to 3 phase power. If you are considering something like this for your home or you have a shed on your property that houses 3 Phase equipment, give T-Rex Elec a call to upgrade your mains, reconfigure your switchboard to accommodate a 3 phase electricity meter and 3 phase switchgear.

after hours & emergency

If you have an electrical emergency after hours T-Rex Elec can help you. We have experience operating in all conditions regardless of the season, weather or terrain, so you can rely on us to do everything in our power to get you back up and running.

Make Safe

Has your home been affected by a storm or extreme weather event? These events can damage your electrical wiring and fittings in places that you cannot see. If your home has been damaged by a storm event, call T-Rex Elec for a rapid response to the issue and we can make your wiring safe.

Bathroom Renovations

Are you renovating your bathroom to give it a fresh look? We can supply new switches, lights, heat lamps, and all manner of on-trend electrical items for your bathroom. We can also review your plans to make sure that none of your electrical items are going to be exposed to a wet zone and place anyone at risk due to the relocation of a sink or a new shower screen.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is often the centre of the home and as such you want to make sure that yours is a place where you can enjoy cooking and connect with your family at the same time. A quick internet search reveals that there are so many options for lighting, power, ceiling mounted speakers and smart devices in the kitchen, it is easy to fall down an internet rabbit-hole. For everything from a simple facelift of your existing kitchen to a complete teardown and rebuild, we can help get the job done smoothly.

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